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Regardless of in-house capabilities, constant demand on retained structures and high operating costs mean that partnering and outsourcing remain key requirements across all business sectors. From developing affinity partnerships and member benefits programmes, providing inbound, outbound and webchat capability to customer facing operations, to wholesale business process outsourcing, we collaborate with you to deliver the partner you need to enable you to focus on your core business.


Affinity Partnerships

Creating effective affinity partnerships or benefits strategy can provide multiple benefits for your business and your customers. Creating a new route to a previously unaccessible market, accessing preferential products and services, reducing customer attrition, tailored and targeted marketing content and providing meaningful MI and analytics for product and proposition development are all compelling attributes of a successfully deployed affinity strategy. Russell Thompson Consulting has a wealth of experience in the successful deployment of affinity strategies, ensuring benefits for you, your partners and your customers.


Benefits of using outsourcing companies…

  • Reduction of Recruitment Time and Cost – Recruiting the right permanent or temporary employee can be a costly and time consuming exercise. Contracting with the right outsourcer can provide an effective way to secure the right skills to meet your business objectives.
  • Focusing on Core Activities – Managing the day-to-day operation of your business demands constant attention. Outsourcing can provide an effective solution to meet your capability requirements while you focus on the all important core elements of your business.
  • Increased efficiency – Outsourcing can provide a fast and effective way to secure the skills you need. Contracting with a partner who already has the capabilities you need can reduce speed to competency timescales to ensure your business performs efficiently and effectively in the timescale you need.
  • Reduce technology and infrastructure investment – Deciding to outsource a particular process or service could provide a favourable alternative to committing to a significant investment in technology or infrastructure that could be more effectively utilised elsewhere within your business.

Russell Thompson Consulting can work with your team throughout the whole process – need identification, assessment of existing capability, business case development, ITT production and scoring strategy, long list/shortlist, selection, commercials, contracting, on-going relationship management, benefit tracking and proposition design.


Find out more about our affinity partnerships and outsourcing services…

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